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Johanna Encrantz

johanna encrantz ist fotografin und künstlerin


fon: +41 78 775 81 14


‚By plucking her petals you do not gather the beauty of the flower.‘
Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

Junge Mädchen wissen, dass sie schön sind. Sie stehen selbstbewusst und zugleich selbstvergessen vor der Kamera. Die Bilder sind Teil einer Serie über Mädchen, die ich 2011 mit Kindern im Teenie Alter begonnen habe. Es geht um das Spiel mit der Pose, der Spiegelung von innen und aussen. Und umdie Idee von (weiblic her!) Schönheit und Sein.


Hanna and I


These pictures are about my grandmother and some of the traces she left in my mind.


Hanna was a dear, openminded woman with a flower-garden which was lit up by many colours almoust all the year round. It was this liking of colours, specially pink, gold, light blue and even white together with a vivid interest in design which let her create all her wonderful dresses and garments.


All this happened although Hanna was at this time a young widow with tree minor children carrying on the general-store business left by her husband. 

I loved Hanna, I was her only grandchild and she used to call me ‚Fraueli‘.


In the meantime she had moved to the greater Zürich area where she must have felt rather lonely. But she found a new interest: all by herself she often travelled to the seaside in Italy, although she could not swim. I am sure she must have been fascinated by the colours and forms, this time the ones of the Mediterranean, its changing of the light during the day. All the movements of the sea, revealing the shades in the water, fancy forms and colours of the shells and stones. I vividly imagine her floating donned with inflatable water-wings in the low waters of the sandy beach. 

Pigmentdruck auf Fotopapier, 50x50cm, 

MF analog Diapositiv 6x6cm, 2011

No. 1 No. 2 No. 3
No. 4 No. 5 No. 6
No. 7 No. 8 No. 9
No. 10 No. 11 No. 12


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